We are ideally situated in central New Hampshire where we enjoy Nature and are still but a stone’s throw from such desirable destinations as: 
New London and Lake Sunapee (15 minutes); Dartmouth (25 minutes); Concord, NH (40 minutes); and Boston or Montreal (less than two hours by bus or car).

Facts about Grantham:

  • Established in 1761. 
  • Named for Thomas Robinson, first Baron Grantham, who, as a respected diplomat in Europe, actively supported American independence.
  • He was one of Great Britain's first postmaster-generals. 
  • In 1780, the western portion of Grantham and the eastern portion of Plainfield were made into the parish of Meriden, the region’s name today. 
  • The town was incorporated as New Grantham in 1788, and incorporated as Grantham in 1818. 
  • Population: 
    • Grew from 333 residents in 1790 to 2,966 in 2011
    • 110 persons per square mile of land area. [Grantham contains 27.2 square miles of land area and 0.9 square miles of inland water area.]